ARKit factory signage

Routed timber signage for the ARKit factory in Sunshine. In such a spacious, industrial area of Melbourne, the signage had to be visible as you approached from the street and clearly identity which entrances were for staff, clients and couriers so that they could drive and park nearest that entrance.

Flaunt Edition 2 - Folio feature

I received some exciting mail this morning - a freshly printed Flaunt, Edition 2, a new resource for design students. It includes a page showcasing my own printed folio I submitted for final year uni along with details about the design & production process. It's in amongst Jessica Hische's folio & interviews from Michael Beirut, Sagmeister & Andrian Shaughnessy to name a few! Pretty exciting! Read more or purchase it here.

Through 41 portfolio case studies, 18 self-promo examples, 25 interviews with experienced professionals, industry surveys, and tips on how to photograph design work, Flaunt is a resource for design students as well as young, experienced, freelance, and independent designers. It explains how one can find a way to cohesively, succinctly, and creatively showcase their work through an accessible, effective, and creative portfolio. Flaunt showcases a variety of portfolio alternatives that represent both the most common approaches as well as some offbeat executions. Hopefully, this book will help ease the anxiety and burden of creating a portfolio, demystify the process of putting it together, and establish expectations of presenting it.

Images by Under Consideration

'Getaway' opening night

Thank you to all who came down last night for the opening of The Short List's latest show, 'Getaway', at No Vacancy Gallery. It was a great turnout! Special thanks to Elise who did a bloody great job at organising the whole thing! Thanks also to Jordan who took some snaps of the night. Exhibition is running until Jan 25th, so if you missed the opening there is still plenty of time to visit! (First image credit: Elise Andrews, cover image: Jordan Bollen)

Printing with Lucy the RISO

Got to use a Risograph for the first time today to print some Croft posters! I thought the Tribal Waves poster would be a good one to print because of it's grainy texture effect.  It only has a b&w drum at the moment, so the colour was printed separately and then the black lines RISO printed over the top. It lined up perfectly first time so I've got a couple of spares, holla if you want one! Thanks to Carla & Hayden, proud parents of Lucy.