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Digital iD by Australia Post

 Digital iD (Australia Post)



Digital iD is an identity solution by Australia Post that makes proving who you are online and in-person simple, while keeping you in control of your identity.





Australian’s are asked to prove their identity every day. From opening bank accounts, applying for loans to purchasing alcohol, consumers must repeatedly provide the same identity details to verify themselves. 

Identity fraud is increasing, and consumers want more control over their personal details. They expect their details to be stored securely when transacting online, and they want a frictionless experience. 



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'Like PayPal for identity'

Digital iD allows users to prove their identity online and in person. Verify your identity once, then reuse your identity again and again, wherever Digital iD is accepted.


'Convenience, Control, Confidence’

The Digital iD app is the key to these transactions and interactions. Connect to the app to share the verified details required to complete that transaction.

Every time details are reused with a third party, review exactly what is being shared. Only the details that are necessary to complete the transaction are requested, nothing more.

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ID on your phone

Show your photo ID to pick up parcels, or use your 18+ Keypass to purchase alcohol and enter bars & clubs (selected states). Third parties can only view or scan details that are relevant to that interaction, nothing more.




For the last 2.5 years, I have contributed to the research, design and continuous improvement of our Digital iD products. I have worked across both our web and native experiences on discovery pieces, optimisation of existing products & features, and kicking off brand new products.

Identity is complex, but I have enjoyed becoming a subject-matter-expert on the rules and regulations that we must comply with, while simultaneously trying to make these transactions as simple as possible for our users.

User journeys

When designing solutions, I always consider the user’s end-to-end experience, and am guided by the principal that our users should always have enough information to make informed decisions.

In collaboration with UX researchers and writers, we always aim to ensure that adequate research, exploration and testing is conducted on new designs and/or concepts, prior to delivery.  Depending on timeframes, requirements and size of features, our methods ranged from guerrilla corridor testing to formal recruited testing, using paper prototypes, low-fi wireframes to hi-fidelity working prototypes. I love speaking with our users to understand their personal experiences, validating hypothesis and/or uncovering unforeseen issues in the process.

Wire framing / prototyping
User Testing
Design System

I work closely with developers to deliver intuitive, polished UI that considers accessibility, maintaining our Digital iD Design System in the process.

As part of the ‘Digital & Data’ wider Australia Post team, I represented Digital iD in the initiative to create a global design system - a collection of reusable components and patterns guided by clear standards - with the aim of consolidating and creating consistency across all Aus Post products.

UI Design



Tools: Figma, Sketch, InVision, Axure, Slack, Origami, Jira, Realtime board (Miro), Zeplin

  • Worked within agile environment

  • Responsive Web UI Design

  • iOS & Android UI Design

  • Design System creation & maintenance

  • Design sprints

  • Customer workshops

  • Presenting to key stakeholders

  • User journeys

  • Sketching

  • Wire framing

  • Paper prototyping

  • Digital prototyping
    (Axure, InVision, Origami)

  • Information Architecture

  • User testing - facilitation & note taking

  • A/B testing

  • Affinity mapping

  • Heuristic analysis

  • Accessibility compliance

  • Animation design

  • Comparative Analysis

  • Participating in Hack Day

  • Hosted a design Community of Practice session


Case studies

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